ABSL Summit is one of the key economic events in Central and Eastern Europe, organized by the Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL). During conferences, meetings and discussion panels, global trends and their impact on economic and social development are analyzed.

This year’s ABSL Summit 2023 turned out to be a huge success in terms of attendance, number of speakers and accompanying events. Many people rate the summit as one of the best in history.

This year, as in previous years, I again had the opportunity to take part in this inspiring meeting and transfer the content of the event into a visual form, i.e. create visual notes for this event.

During this year’s ABSL Summit in Krakow, I created 13 visual notes for 12 different meetings and discussions. I handled meetings on the main stage with the most famous participants.

After each lecture or discussion, a graphic summarizing the content discussed by the participants along with photos of them appeared on the large screen.

Some participants of this conference, with whom I had the opportunity to talk during lunch breaks, could not believe that I was creating drawings on the fly, “live”, and that it was all being put on the big screen right after drawing. Well, that’s what graphic recording is all about – I come to your event and create graphics from the content I hear 🙂

See for yourself the gallery of graphics from ABSL Summit 2023. If you’d like to see how these graphics look live scroll down to real live photos from the event!

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