Important meeting at BAT DBS – awesome internal event

BAT DBS wewnętrzny event

How to create an awesome internal event where you want to honor and surprise your guests? How can you convey interesting content and unique atmosphere of the event in an easy and pleasant way?

I present to you a recent project in the British American Tabacco DBS business center in Warsaw.

How was the process itself?

First of all, kudos to the organizers of the event. They were the ones who thought about visual graphic recording, i.e. a visual record of this important meeting with the “boss of all bosses” 🙂

Fortunately, I was available at that time, so after setting the agenda and receiving the participants of the entire event, we prepared the boards for the event. It required choosing colors, placing logos and titles, and adding drawings and signatures of each participant. As usual, we had two revision rounds for this. As a result we created twelve boards!

On the day of the event, I showed up at the company’s headquarters with my drawing ipad and ipencil, ready to draw what was happening live. In a very dynamic way, sometimes even standing up, I created visual notes, which you can see below.

This awesome internal event resulted with beautiful visual notes. What do they contain? They contain the content of each individual meeting, presented in the way that the heads of individual departments considered important. So there was room here to influence the content of the notes and the form of presenting the key message. In addition, all participants of these meetings were depicted in the notes, along with their portraits and functions in the company, sometimes even with direct quotes from the meeting.

This is a great way to capture the topic, both for the main guest of the event, other participants (heads of individual departments), for the organizers of the meeting, and then for all the recipients in social media, such as LinkedIn.

Most importantly: at the end of the guest’s two-day stay at the BAT DBS headquarters, all visual notes were beautifully printed in color on good paper, wrapped and given to the guest, so that in his free time, for example on the plane, he could bring back the feelings and experiences from this awesome internal event. Isn’t it an amazing ending to an important event that will stay in the guest’s memory for a long time?

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Should you have interestin a similar service for your company, please contact me here.

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