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Digital graphic record for ABSL Diamonds Awards 2022

“Excellent synchronization and a great approach to the topics that were discussed” – this is how one of the participants of the ABSL discussion panels assessed graphic recording during ABSL Diamonds Awards 2022 in Warsaw.

The ABSL Diamonds is a meeting of business services leaders, organized by the Association of Business Service Leaders. This sector employs around 400,000 people and is growing very fast. Industry leaders are engaged in attracting and retaining industry talent, which requires a number of activities across many areas.

During ABSL Diamonds, industry leaders discussed the current situation, prospects and initiatives for the sector in the area of talent search. The best leaders were rewarded for their pursuit of business excellence and innovation. The meeting finished with ABSL Diamonds Awards gala for all participants.

This is not the first time I have been working with ABSL. I have already participated in two huge events for this client and created a graphic record for ABSL Summit 2021 in Warsaw and exceptional ABSL Summit 2022 in Katowice.

During ABSL Diamonds 2022, the recording included a welcome and panel part, during which the participants were divided into several groups, discussing various areas of the companies’ activities.

During the welcome part, the participants heard an introduction speech given by the president of ABLS – Janusz Dziurzyński, and then a very interesting and dynamic speech by Professor Marcin Piątkowski, professor at Kozminski University and chief economist at the World Bank. During this speech, you could hear about changes in the world from a global perspective, about the uniqueness of the situation in which we find ourselves and about the prospects for the development of the situation.

In the panel part, business industry leaders were divided into four groups focusing on the following issues: talent, technology, ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance) and legal framework. In each group, the participants discussed in subgroups, and then put their common conclusions and suggestions on the screen. At the end, representatives of each group discussed the conclusions and answered questions from the audience.

As a graphic recorder of the event, I updated previously prepared boards with speakers’ statements and questions from the audience. The boards were shown during breaks and the final minutes. What went exceptionally good was updating the boards on an ongoing basis and refreshing them on the screen. This ensured high dynamics of the presentation and interactivity. In this way, the audience could see the conclusions of the subgroup discussions, and then additional summaries of the representatives of the groups, as well as spontainous comments from the audience and the final Q&A session.

After this event, I had the pleasure of talking to one of the participants, who praised the boards from the meeting. “This is the second time you draw for us. I can see that with each event the boards are getting more and more interesting and contain more and more accurate information. You understand the subject deeply and can synthesize it very well,” said my interlocutor. I made my day, as business repated topics are highly interesting to me, but also consistent with my economic education and interests.

The boards from ABSL Diamonds are exceptionally good. As in most professions, the practice and experience make the difference!

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