Wyróżnij wizualnie Twoją markę


You make conferences or workshops and want them to be attractive to your audience and the content to remain in their memory for a long time? You want a “WoW” effect during your conference, workshop or online event?

Make your event attractive with Graphic Recording, which is “live” drawing of your speakers’ lectures!

How does it work?

When your event is live I take part as a listener, observer and cartoonist on-line or live.

During individual lectures, I listen to and synthesize content, which I then present as an illustration rich in icons, text, and sometimes illustrations with dialogues.

You can show finished boards during your conference, use them as backgrounds during conference breaks, send them to speakers afterwards and show the graphics on your Social Media to promote the event!

See some examples


ABSL Summit is one of the key economic events in Central and Eastern Europe, organized by the Association of Business […]

What exactly does the process look like?


1. Before the presentation, we agree on the layout of the boards (included logos, colours, branding design, permanent content – title, subtitle, footer)

2. During the event I SYNTESIZE AND DRAW. Drawing can be streamed on an ongoing basis or at the end of the lecture. A board with graphic recording of each lecture is then available to show (we determine the exact process during our kick-off meeting)

3. After the event, you have materials to send to your speakers, your audience plus for use in social media (Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, LinkedIn etc.)

Graphic Recording at workshops

You want to make your workshops more attractive? How about the content is recorded with graphics for you? Here “sky is the limit”!

My random suggestions:

  • Graphic Storytelling: during your workshop you read a story about your topic and I draw your story at the same time (e.g. a story about your client, a story about a product, strategy)
  • Visual tasks for participants: I create boards for your particiapants, on which some of the content is already drawn, for example for brainstorming sessions
  • Change management: a complicated iconography / business illustration related to your topic is prepared beforehand but revealed step by step during your workshops

Are you looking for something else? Feel free to contact us and we will come up with a creative idea for your event together !!!

Time to act now!

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