Sketch noting is becoming more and more popular. Sketch noting is a simple technique available to everyone. It facilitates the acquisition of knowledge, and it is a lot of fun for both creators and readers!

Sketch means drawing, and noting means taking notes. This is the quintessence of sketch-noting. You write and draw. And in practice?

You take a piece of paper, give it a nice title (preferably in the upper part of your sheet), then follow a path to draw (and to read afterwards) and then focus on “getting the gist” and noting / drawing it.

Grab your tools and act! These tools are physical: markers, pens or fineliners, but also speech bubbles, frames, arrows and icons – simple symbols that will reflect a given meaning.

Why would you do that? The graphic reflection of the problem / issue allows you to better understand the topic (you engage both brain hemispheres). You add to it emotions and that leaves stronger traces in the brain. It all makes your brain burst with ideas and remember longer.

Sketchnoting is ideal for all educators: teachers, lecturers, trainers or trainers. It adds to your lesson or your lecture / webinar the benefit of comprehensible illustrations or graphs.

Scetchnoting is very useful in business. It will make your offer stand out and be remembered by customers. Explain your offer, steps to become your client and necessary information. Your clients will love it!

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