Sketchnotes Visual notes

You are content creator or marketer, who deals with relatively complex issues? Your audience could use the graphic form of presenting the material you are working on!

I encourage you to use VISUAL NOTES, or so called SKETCH NOTES, as a form of enriching your content.

I will be happy to take part in your event or listen to the recording in order to prepare visual notes summarizing the topic. After the webinar, I will arrange the resulting sketches, correct them and decorate with colours. Additionally, I add the logo of the event and / or your brand. This way you will get a perfect hand over sheet to send out to your audience or promote on Social Media.

How does it work?

See some examples


What is sketchnoting?

Sketch oting is a simple technique available to everyone. It facilitates the acquisition of knowledge, and it is a lot of fun for both creators and readers!

Why would you want to use sketchnotes?

The graphic reflection of the problem / issue allows you to better understand the topic (you engage both brain hemispheres). You add to it emotions and that leaves stronger traces in the brain. It all makes your brain burst with ideas and remember longer.

Who can use sketchnotes?

Sketchnoting is ideal for all educators: teachers, lecturers, trainers or trainers. It adds to your lesson or your lecture / webinar the benefit of comprehensible illustrations or graphs.

Scetchnoting is absolutely useful in business. It will make your offer stand out and be remembered by customers. Explain your offer, steps to become your client and necessary information. Your clients will love it!

What makes me different from the competition?

  • I work in Polish, English and German!
  • I make funny and informative sketches, always mixing illustrations, icons and text
  • my notes are not only to show you information, they are also supposed to entertain you!

What practical use can I suggest to you?

You might suggest your audience signing up to a newsletter to get e-mails with sketchnotes from your event -> thanks to this you have a list of recipients and you can invite them to the next webinar or encourage them to buy your products

You can offer to download a sketchnote after the webinar in exchange for the participants’ e-mail or liking your fanpage (the so-called FC locker)

You can surely share the sketchnote or parts of it before or after the webinar on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn etc.)

You can create an online product, downloadable from your shop generating passive income this way.

Who owns the rights to your sketchnote?

On ordering the note, you receive the copyright to the visual note and may use it or parts of it in any form. This applies to both online (internet) and offline activities (books, publications, presentations).

Only with your permission, I can post your sketchnote on my blog or on social media.

Now it’s your call

Just hit me a message! I usually answer within 24 hours.