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An EXPLAINER MOVIE or TIME-LAPSE MOVIE is a great way to present your product or service in an accessible, interesting and eye-catching way.

How is explainer move created?

The most important thing is your message, i.e. what you want to say and what to achieve. How do you want the viewer to perceive your product or service. We discuss it during our kick-off meeting.

Additionally, I would like to know if the film is meant to be fun or neutral. What kind of music suits your purpose the best? Do you have a colour preference? Can you provide me with your logo or graphics that I can add to the video? Perhaps you want to record AUDIO for this movie yourself – so add your voice and music of your choice? All of this will be cleared during our kick-off meeting before the project starts.

Now the movie is made. The first version is set to you soon afterwards for your verification. We usually have two correction rounds and you get a finished movie in either mov or mp4 format.

What can you use explainer movie for?

You can use explainer movie, or time-lapse animation, for a number of purposes. You can just showcase your product or your service. You can also present an idea from different areas, starting in psychology, health, education and finishing with technical problems, which are difficult to explain on paper. 

Explainer movies are particularly good for explaining non-material ideas or changes in organizations. 

Are you interested / interested?

Feel free to contact me! I am happy to share my passion with you and help make your message more pleasant!

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