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Leadership Toolbox – Visual note on a workshop

Leadership Tools

Visual facilitation is a great tool for big events like conferences or events, but it is also a very useful tool for workshops and offsite meetings, where more interaction and cooperation is needed.

I have already prepared graphic recording for a team offsite, which you can see here, but this one is different.

This projects was meant for the leadership of the company to help them remember the outcomes of their offsite leadership meeting. My work included preparing a one-page graphic with most important principles from the leadership meeting, which works as a hand-out for all participants.

This graphic with Leadership Toolbox has Lencioni’s 5 dysfunctions of a team in the center. That pyramid shows which elements are playing a crucial role in reaching the teams goal.

Around the Lencioni’s pyramid you can find equations, matrixes or models for each element: there is the trust equation, the conflict matrix, commitment and accountability ideas with it’s elements.

As two more leadership tools you can find here the motivation diamond plus a list on “how to locate dysfunction in your team“.

How do you like this summary of most valuable leadership tools? I hope the visual way of presenting it is self explanatory and helpful!

Such visual notes can be prepared well after the meeting happened, based on the information from the organizer and can also include multiple elements, like pictures of participants, their quotes or more elaborate illustrations.

Leadership Toolbox

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