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Sketchnotes – Meaningful talks during ABSL SUMMIT 2022

This is one of the best ABSL Summits I’ve seen” I have hear a lot of times this year. And I completely agree, just take a look at the renouwn names of the speakers and the sketch notes of ABSL2022.

Just take a look at the names here: Al Gore, Garry Kasparov, Mark Brzezinki and Aleksander Kwaśniewski. Additionally top managers from business service sector, representing companies like Google, Microsoft, Accenture, Amazon, Hitachi, Hewlett, Citi, Mercer, Schaeffler, Randstadt, Roche plus other important speakers both from academic and art world: Katarzyna Kasia, Szczepan Twardoch, Marcin Krupa (Mayor of Katowice) etc. made the event exceptional.

But take a look at the schedule: ABSL2022 was 2.5 days of lectures, discussions, short talks and, most of all, networking resulting in valuable outcomes and sketch notes of ABSL2022

Day 0 started with a round table discussion with heads of centers, which broke the ice and gave insights into the given topic ” Solutions for the sector’s challenges – securing stable growth in unstable time.”

Day 1 started with an exellent and emotional talk of Garry KasparovCheck Europe or checkmate already” on his premonition about the war in Ukraine, which prooved unfortunately right. This was followed by a number of very interesting discussons on various topics and ended with even more emotional talk “The Case for Optimism on the Climate Crisis” from Al Gore on climate change and the necessity to act now!

The day was round off with a deep discussion on the topic of belonging and identification in very comfortable surroundings of old cinema in Katowice.

Day 2 inluded even more discussions of various topics, like Leadership or ESG plus a discussion about current affairs with War in Ukraine (Kwaśniewski and Brzezinski). The day finished with inspiring Round table with female Leaders.

The most important meetings or discusisons are depicted on these sketch notes, which were created live, on site and displayed right after each event for all the participants and the audience.

This is how regular Graphic Recording works – while the conference goes on and everyone is excited the sketch writer draws the lecutres or discussions and then shows the content to the participants. Excellent form of enriching the content of the event.