ABSL Executive Club 2023 in Warsaw

ABSL Exectutive Club 2023 - visually record the meeting

My year-long partner ABSL invited me to join another impoartant meeting in BSL sector – ABSL Exectutive Club and visually record the meeting.

Here is more info about the meeting:

The ABSL Executive Club 2023 meeting in Warsaw provided an exclusive platform, accessible by invitation, for industry leaders. This event, held on December 7, 2023, emphasized the significance of Transformational Leadership in navigating and shaping the evolving business landscape. The club’s focus on inviting key leaders and discussing essential qualities for guiding organizations to success was evident from its commitment to topics like Transformational Leadership. The gathering highlighted ABSL’s commitment to fostering partnerships and insights crucial for HR services, legal affairs, and more.

What was graphic-recorded?
During the meeting I had to visually record two parts: motivational speech of UEFA Elite Referee Szymon Marciniak, who is a very laid back and open person. His speach was full of anegdotes about his way to be one of the most famouns referees in Poland.

ABSL Executive Club 2023 - Visually record the meeting

Second graphic recording was done on a round table discussion on four leading topics: “New Technologies”, “Value Chain”, “Dispersed Teams” and “Gen Z”. This was an interactive discussion at lunch tables, summarized later on the stage by four selected sector leaders.

ABSL Executive Club 2023 - Visually record the meeting

ABLS has been my patner for a few years so far, you can see here other examples of my job to visually record the meeting: ABSL Summit 2023, Digital graphic record for ABSL Diamonds Awards 2022 and Sketch notes ABSL2022 – Meaningful talks during ABSL SUMMIT,

Graphic recording, the act of visually recording a meeting through hand-drawn illustrations, significantly enhances conferences and business events. This unique technique transforms conversations into captivating visuals, aiding in better information retention and comprehension for attendees. It breathes life into discussions, creating a visual memory that makes complex ideas more accessible and engaging, fostering an environment conducive to creativity and active participation!

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