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Let Nature Be the Solution – European Commission Event 

Growing evidence shows that Nature-based Solutions (NBS) can play a pivotal role in addressing the twin climate and biodiversity crises by delivering ecological, economic and social benefits. Environmentally literate citizens can greatly contribute to building a more sustainable society. Investing in learning about environmental sustainability means shaping a greener and fairer future for all.

An EU-funded pilot initiative is proposing NBS learning pathways across schools in Europe, involving hundreds of teachers and thousands of students.

Let Nature Be the Solution – European Commission Event hybrid event celebrates this initiative and provides a forum to share ideas and best-practices for the inclusion of interdisciplinary education for sustainability in school curricula. It was also the occasion to celebrate the winners of the first competition awarding teachers for their outstanding work on ‘Nature-based Solutions in Education’.

Graphic Recording at this event helped all participants and also late viewers to better understand and remember the contents of this inspiring event. You can see the graphics from the event directly on NBS webpage here: https://www.nbs-education.eu/en/page/images/ and also in this gallery:

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