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hand-drawn illustrations

Hand-drawn illustrations for your online presence

Hand-drawn illustrations are a powerful and versatile tool that can greatly enrich a wide range of publications, both online and offline, across various content creators. Whether it’s traditional print books, e-books, blogs, webpages, or other digital and physical media, the inclusion of hand-drawn illustrations offers several distinct advantages. 1. **Visual […]

Simpe graphics for your online presence

Discover the visual potential of simple graphics! Our minimalist illustrations convey everyday concepts such as water, road, flour and floor clearly and concisely. These graphics are perfect for use in a variety of media and can significantly enhance your designs. Where can our graphics be useful? 1. **Educational Presentations**: Our […]

Visual Notes: Unlocking Best Practices for Productive Meetings

Meetings play a vital role in organizations, but all too often, they can be unproductive, uninspiring, and leave participants feeling overwhelmed. However, there’s a powerful tool that can transform the way we approach meetings and improve our understanding of best practices: visual notes. How can visual notes enhance our comprehension […]

Live Digital Graphic Recording – Comtec Webinar on Gender Equity In Language

In this entry I present you one of my last projects of live digital graphic recording for a Comtec Webinar on Gender Equity In Languages. You may wonder how it works and what are the advantages and disadvantages of such a process. Let me elaborate on the activity itself. Digital […]

Digital graphic record for ABSL Diamonds Awards 2022

“Excellent synchronization and a great approach to the topics that were discussed” – this is how one of the participants of the ABSL discussion panels assessed graphic recording during ABSL Diamonds Awards 2022 in Warsaw. The ABSL Diamonds is a meeting of business services leaders, organized by the Association of […]

Let Nature Be the Solution – European Commission Event 

Growing evidence shows that Nature-based Solutions (NBS) can play a pivotal role in addressing the twin climate and biodiversity crises by delivering ecological, economic and social benefits. Environmentally literate citizens can greatly contribute to building a more sustainable society. Investing in learning about environmental sustainability means shaping a greener and […]

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizens Youth Participation

Digital Citizens Youth Participation is a project organized by Idea Lab and Erasmus+ the main focus of which is to support youth policies in Partner Countries through:  – building capacity of youth policies institutions and youth NGOs on participatory youth policies development; – analysing and developing ideas for use of […]

Watercolour illustrations

Watercolour illustrations for your online presence

Watercolor illustrations have an enchanting ability to transform both online and offline materials into captivating works of art. With their delicate blend of colors and dreamy, fluid strokes, these illustrations breathe life and uniqueness into various forms of content, making them truly beautiful and one-of-a-kind. In the realm of print […]