Visual recording at Sales Meeting

Visual recording is a great way to record the result of a meeting or a workshop. Take this example: at a Sales Offsite Meeting at Jodel there was a number of workshops with different stakeholders. Two days of presentations and workshops can be captured in one nice picture.

Side note: sketch noting, or visual recording is about visual representation of main points of your event – it can be both a short meeting (like a 1.5h meeting here) or a seminar / webinar which lasts longer. It can also be a visualisation of a process, like here.

Now let’s take a look at a 3-day event in sales department. First day was about the basics of the sales department, so visual recording included notes on the presentation and statements of the presenter.

The second day was a workshop on positioning in advertising which had no fixed structure but there was a lot of good content in statements of each stakeholder. Visual recording then looks in a more comic way, which makes it attractive for readers and also reflects the dynamics of the meeting.

On the third day there was just an integration part and a short presentation, so this was just wrapped up in a small frame as well as take-aways for the future.

The feedback of sales people was very good on this way of recording the event. It added structure and humour to the meeting and is a good way to present the meeting to the whole company to understand what was there.
How do you like this way of visual recording of a sales meeting? Would you find a way to implement it in your business? Hit me a message if you are interested!

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