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WeInnovators – graphic recording for Innovators Club

Today I present you my last sketch notes done for a graphic recording assignment for WeInnovators Club – a club full of people fascinated with innovations and the newest technology, who invite innovators so that they can learn about what is happening around and what is future going to look like in various topics.

I had pleasure to listen to those very interesting webinars on different topics and to practice graphic recording.

After preparing a template, where all the logos and photos of presenters is placed I joined the Zoom meeting and followed the presentation. While listening to it I sketch most important information by combining icons and simple phrases. These represent key points of each presenter and help to visualize the message plus are a very handful tool for later – in case the listeners forget some parts of the webinar or just would like to recollect the whole idea.

I had pleasure to get this assignment of graphic recording from ExplainVisually.co -> the precursor and leader in graphic recording in Poland. I already did some sketch notes for them previously, but this time it’s for an external client with very interesting topic, very close to my interests!

Have a look and let me know how you like these notes:

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