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Simpe graphics for your online presence

Discover the visual potential of simple graphics! Our minimalist illustrations convey everyday concepts such as water, road, flour and floor clearly and concisely. These graphics are perfect for use in a variety of media and can significantly enhance your designs. Where can our graphics be useful? 1. **Educational Presentations**: Our […]

Visual Notes: Unlocking Best Practices for Productive Meetings

Meetings play a vital role in organizations, but all too often, they can be unproductive, uninspiring, and leave participants feeling overwhelmed. However, there’s a powerful tool that can transform the way we approach meetings and improve our understanding of best practices: visual notes. How can visual notes enhance our comprehension […]

BAT DBS wewnętrzny event

Important meeting at BAT DBS – awesome internal event

How to create an awesome internal event where you want to honor and surprise your guests? How can you convey interesting content and unique atmosphere of the event in an easy and pleasant way? I present to you a recent project in the British American Tabacco DBS business center in […]