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Sketchnote: Workshop on Diversity and Inclusion / Wunderflats Berlin

Diversity and inclusion Wunderflats Berlin

I had a pleasure to take part in a workshow on diversity and inclusion held by Wunderflats and I took the opportunity to prepare a sketchnote on it.

Do you know Wunderflats? This is on of the biggest German company for furnished temporary living. They connect tenants, landlords, and companies, and we accompany them through the process of renting a flat.

The company itself is know for its diversity at workplace. They have very clear inclusion strategies and work strongly on having divers and rich environment.

What is diversity? Why is it important? Which areas are connected with it? How do Wunderflats ensure that employees feel safe enough to tackle issues connected with no diversity at work?

While listining to answers to these questions I used the skill of graphic recording to prepare a sketchnote, which can serve my colleagues to remember what was tackled in the talk.

Take a look at this sketchnote and let me know how you like it. Enjoy!

Diversity and inclusion Wunderflats Berlin
Diversity and inclusion Wunderflats Berlin

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