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Live Digital Graphic Recording – Comtec Webinar on Gender Equity In Language

In this entry I present you one of my last projects of live digital graphic recording for a Comtec Webinar on Gender Equity In Languages.

You may wonder how it works and what are the advantages and disadvantages of such a process. Let me elaborate on the activity itself.

Digital graphic recording is the process of creating a visual representation of an event or meeting in real-time, using digital tools. There are several reasons why digital graphic recording can be valuable for online events. Here are five reasons:

  1. Capturing key information: Digital graphic recording can help to capture the most important ideas and insights shared during an online event. The visuals created during the event can serve as a reference point for attendees and a useful tool for sharing the content of the event with others who were unable to attend.
  2. Enhancing engagement: The visual nature of digital graphic recording can help to keep attendees engaged and focused on the content being presented. This can be particularly useful for online events, where it can be more difficult to maintain audience attention.
  3. Creating a memorable experience: Digital graphic recording can create a lasting impression on attendees, as the visuals created during the event can be shared and revisited long after the event has ended.
  4. Supporting collaboration: Digital graphic recording can facilitate collaboration among attendees by creating a shared visual language that can be used to communicate complex ideas and concepts.
  5. Fostering creativity: Digital graphic recording can be a creative process that encourages attendees to think more deeply about the ideas being presented and to explore new ways of expressing those ideas visually.

This is the reason why Comtec engaged with me on making live digital graphic recording for their event.

Here are the steps we took to ensure the perfect delivery:

  1. I got description of the event plus photos and titles of all participants, so that I can prepare awesome background for live graphic recording
  2. After approval of the background we had a short call to test the apps and screen sharing during the webinar. We decided to go for live sketch with sharing the screen in the last 10 minutes of the webinar. This ensures that the participants concentrate on speakers while they speak but wait for the visual summary of the event. They are able to see the sketch note in last minutes of the meeting to recap the content
  3. On client’s request, I depicted the agenda of the meeting on the previously prepared background, so that the organizers can share this new graphic on social media to attract even more participants.
  4. On the day of the webinar I connect to the webinar and sketch note carefully. As agreed, in last 10 minutes, I share my screen to show ready sketch note.
  5. After the webinar the sketch note is proofread. The speakers, which are specialist in their area of knowledge check the board to ensure that the content is coherent and correctly depicted.
  6. Now ready board can be shared on social media and sent out to all registered participants!

See below the sketch note itself plus the movie from drawing it 🙂

If you’d liket to check a similar project on live digital graphic recording check the entry on International Women’s Day in BAT DBS Headquarters in Poland.

Let me know in comments how you like it! If you are interested in this service, please, send me a quick message here.

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