I deal with sketch notes, illustrations for books or online materials and visual thinking. I love to spread the concept of making visual notes for various articles, webinars or on-line meetings.
I give you a tool to transfer knowledge to your clients or viewers in the form of ILLUSTRATIONS, SKETCH NOTES or WHITEBOARD ANIMATIONS.

Basia from Visual Thinking

Hi, my name is Basia.

I am passionate about illustrations and drawings. I turn my passion into practical skills of sketch-noting – I facilitate the acquisition of knowledge by creating visual notes.

Additionally, I make illustrations for children’s books or informational materials such as e-books and pdfs.

I also like to create so-called white-board animations. These are short hand-drawn films that explain your product, service or topic.

I create all materials by hand, using traditional materials such as pencil, ink, pen or fine-liner. Then I paint the drawings beautifully with watercolors. I scan the ready job and send it to the client.

Use great tools

Give your audience information in the most effective way: SKETCHNOTES – a combination of graphics and text or whiteboard animations that will convey your message!

Stand out from the crowd

Add to your content something special – unforgettable, unique, handmade visual notes, illustrations or animated films with a soul!

Add extra value

Enhance your webinar, presentation or e-conference with live visual notes, help your audience and give them extra tools